I was out 1/19/14 on Merritt Reservoir, a little breezy but wonderful day on this lake as it has high hills to protect yourself from the wind. I caught a 24", 33" 34" and 34.75" pike. I weighed the largest at Merritt Trading Post and it was 11.2 lbs. They were all in excellent condition. 


2/16/14  My brother and I went to Merritt, our goal was to fish some places where we have not fished before for Northern Pike.  We had a pretty tough morning with only two flags in five hours, we went to another part of the lake and caught four fish. One of them was over my personal goal of 40 inches, I landed a 44" pike that weighed between 23 and 24 lbs.  We took pictures, see above, and released her.


2/23/14 My brother went out without me, caught a fish of a lifetime.  46.5 inch, 34.4 lbs. Muskie.  Great fish, happy for him!  Wish I was there, he just had to out do me....



A few Muskie being taken from the face of the dam.



Reports of walleye and other fish being taken using blades at Merritt.  Typical this time of year visit with Steve in regard to this type of fishing.  Excited for ice!!



11"-12" of ice, I fished the refuge the last two days and came home with limit each day of pan fish!  Nice mixture of perch and bluegill.  I was not fishing for northerns but saw several caught, four caught in our party were 35" to "38".

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Fishing Report 

( We have added a place to clean fish that is heated and provided with electricity.)